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As we came to terms with the new normal of 2020, we were able to relocate to a new studio with every intention to explore completely independent recording projects for our newest material. After much preparation and experimentation, the time has come to begin some exercises in speed - this track was recorded and mixed in less than a week, and presented to you here as a hot-off-the-press capture of a true scorcher of a song.

“Blackout” is the first in a series of DIY-recorded singles for 2021. Each of these songs will be recorded and produced quickly and uniquely, so you will be hearing them almost as fast as we can make them, and they will be as surprising to you as they are to us.

Thank you for being with us! Stay healthy and protect your neck. You’ll need it for head-banging to this absolute jam.


I'm giving this to you
Because I think you need it
Spend life chasing eclipses
Jesus don't like my lipstick

White noise on the station
Can't help but think we're this generation's oldies' last efforts
To escape this era's ending
What is it to you?

And the songs that once haunted your youth are playing in the background
Our thoughts meet and talk and drink til we go home and pass out

Keep finding something new
In this precarious existence
Foraging for subsistence
Jesus just says good riddance

And our spirits are kin
Because they're always wondering
Who's hardcore anymore for the things we once believed in
All caught up being blue

And the shape of things to come has blurred
And there's no turning back now
I know you'll be right where I last left you
When we face the blackout


released February 5, 2021
Vocals & Guitar - Amelia Hazen
Guitar - Kevin J. Shipp
Bass - Evan Caverninha
Drums - Joe Cosmo Cogen

Written by Amelia Hazen
Produced, recorded & mixed by Kevin J. Shipp
Addl. production assistance by Evan Caverninha

Jan. 28th - Feb 4th, 2021


all rights reserved



MNOP New York

MNOP delivers high energy, dynamic bangers with an emphasis on lyrical explorations of love, loss and everything in between. Who says an existential crisis can’t rock? Probably no one, but if they do, MNOP is here to melt faces and work through our feelings together. Because that’s what friends are for.

MNOP is Amelia Hazen, Kevin Shipp, Evan Caverninha, and Joe Cosmo Cogen.
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