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Second Banjo Song (Death By Radio)

from Darker Pasts / Brighter Futures by MNOP



elizabeth edwards took the last train home
when i was comatose, death by radio
and all of my idols are smoldered in ash
and i hope the ones that i love
haven't already passed

cos i haven't watched the family pulse
while making a brand new life on a brand new coast
and there's two thousand miles and five nights to go
and the mississippi can't help but flow

wrapped in my bed is where i drown in deep thinking
i'm trying to breathe but i'm steadily sinking
and smoking friends' cigarettes and watching them burn
as if life was weighed out in the breaths you had earned

and if i had to give one more to my monologues
where i'm saying i love you and fuck you at the same time
then i might as well keep on killing myself or grow up some more
cos i've heard it all before

wisdom begins when you're bleeding through stitches
half wishing it ends like sylvia in the kitchen
but those feelings are fleeting of needing self-harm
when you've etched their eulogies on the side of your arm

and nobody gave her credit for the passion and grace
of what her words gave to the strength in her veins
cos when you're chewing on bitterness and choking on spite
it's impossible not to feel alive

what passes through satellites is not subsitute enough
for the carbon we exchanged on holidays and rough nights
and the price of our talking even outweights
all the oil and the sins that i have to pay for

i'll be cashing in on promises and breaking the rest
hoping for the worst and doing my best
when there's one hundred lovers and ninety nine nights to go
before i feel like a stretch of empty road


from Darker Pasts / Brighter Futures, released November 28, 2012
Vocals, guitar, banjo, and drums by Amelia Hazen
Mouth harp and vocals by Trestan Matel
Recorded and produced by Trestan Matel


all rights reserved



MNOP New York

MNOP delivers high energy, dynamic bangers with an emphasis on lyrical explorations of love, loss and everything in between. Who says an existential crisis can’t rock? Probably no one, but if they do, MNOP is here to melt faces and work through our feelings together. Because that’s what friends are for.

MNOP is Amelia Hazen, Kevin Shipp, Evan Caverninha, and Joe Cosmo Cogen.
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